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The NAI shares information relating to academic invention and innovation, and publicizes the impactful work of our membership. This section contains NAI press releases, articles, newsletters, photos, and videos. It also contains contact information for NAI communications staff.

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This page features nationally distributed press releases since 2014.

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This page features recent news involving Fellows of the NAI.

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Jody Santoro
Marketing & Communication Manager
Phone: +1 813-974-0782


Nominating an individual for the NAI Senior Member award is a significant way for #NAIMemberInstitutions to recognize their innovators on a national level.

Find out how to nominate your faculty, scientists and administrators today!

#Inventor #Innovator

Cheers to FNAI Kam W. Leong, Ph.D., at @Columbia for being elected into @theNAMedicine
Dr. Leong was selected for his developments in multifunctional nanoscale technologies for delivering drugs, antigens, proteins, siRNA, and DNA to cells.

Today's #PatentTuesday features Jason Larmour Hooper and #FNAI Cody Alden Friesen. Friesen is also the inventor of SOURCE Hydropanels, which compile drinking water from sunlight and air. Truly #inspirational #innovation! šŸ’”ā˜€ļø

#USPTO #Patent #sciencetwitter #academictwitter

Watch this ABC coverage of 2017 FNAI Thomas Webster speaking about his nanotechnology use against COVID at Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

Want to learn more about his work? Catch his ScholarShare webinar here:

The newest issue of Technology & Innovation, journal of the NAI is available now! This special issue explores the issues and intricacies of IP Infringement.

Read the latest issue:
Learn more about T&I:

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