Educational Programs

Providing inventor-centric resources goes hand and hand with our mission.

NAI is committed to the promotion and recognition of academic invention. We are also focused on providing resources to connect Academy Members to our global network and the tools to aid the path of discovery. In addition, the Academy seeks to mentor and educate the next generation of innovators. Check out our suite of resources below.

Scholar Share
Series (webinar)

A Vehicle for Collaboration and Sharing

This popular platform allows our Members to collaborate, learn and share with each other. All sessions are recorded and can be found in our curated video library.

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Gain Mentorship

GAIN Mentorship

Guiding the next generation

Mentoring an upcoming inventor may be one of the most satisfying things you do, and our platform, GAIN(Global Academic Inventors Network) makes it easy.

Since its launch, GAIN has connected scores of students from our Member Institutions with some of the most brilliant minds and accomplished inventors in the world.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

A new opportunity for aspiring inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs

In partnership with the Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property, NAI offers an online intellectual property and certification course. The content was created by leading experts in the field and is available for inventors, students, staff and more!

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From Campus to Commerce

From Campus
to Commerce

Telling the story from discovery to market

NAI uses an engaging video format to tell our Members’ story from Eureka to market, including the pioneers behind the innovation.

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