It was a pleasure and intellectual treat to host Prof. Mari Dezawa of Tohoku University (and #NAIFellow @AcadofInventors ) and to hear from her first hand the exciting story of the discovery and clinical use prospect for muse cells! Exciting!

#NAIFellow @NPeppas of @UTAustin received @theNAMedicine's Adam Yarmolinsky Medal, which is awarded to a member from a discipline outside the health and medical sciences who has contributed to the mission of the NAM over a significant period. Congrats!

It's hard not to be concerned about last week's @IPCC_CH report on climate change and the anticipated disruptions if we fail to take action. At @ASU, we're working every day to find solutions.

Today's #SustainingMemberSpotlight is on Dr. Ted Rappaport of @nyuniversity. Rappaport created NYU WIRELESS, a world-leading research center that's spawned the theories and tech that underpin the global move to 5G wireless networks: #2018ActivitiesReport

A Purdue drug discovery aims to avoid medication tragedies like those caused by thalidomide. Purdue Univ researchers have developed technology to create a new chemical process to synthesize drug-like molecules with ultra-high purity. @PurdueOTC #Purdue150 #TakeGiantLeaps

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