An extension to their previous #research, Lathers et al. evaluate the initial #biocompatibility and cadaver implantation strength of the thermoplastic Fused Filament Fabrication osseointegration screw for transhumeral #amputations. #NAITI:

Don't forget to submit your abstracts for the upcoming #AnnualMeeting! Learn more about what we'll discuss at #NAI2019 on our website:

An invention created at @USouthFlorida is being featured tonight on @thedailyshow with @trevornoah. Check out @USouthFlorida @EngineeringUSF associate professor @dhyeh's segment with @ronnychieng at 11pm on @comedycentral. Here's why he was selected:

#Tech for #Disabilities Spotlight: “For the MSU Guide project, we desired to create an app that serves visitors to a university campus in a manner that mirrors the accessibility of the platform on which it is built.”

Nominations for the inaugural class of #NAISeniorMembers are closing soon! Visit our website for a #tutorial on submitting your #nominations:

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