NAI’s Student Showcase identifies and celebrates exceptional student inventors and serves as the premier arena to cultivate partnerships among the brightest minds in academic innovation, from across the nation and around the world. Held at our Annual Conference, the Student Showcase is designed to give students the chance to exhibit their innovation and connect with experts in their fields. By being featured in the showcase, student teams have the opportunity to network with, learn from, and present their innovation to world-class inventors and meeting attendees. The Student Showcase also allows student presenters to receive direct feedback on their innovations, as well as opportunities to be mentored by NAI Fellows and Senior Members.  Student teams are encouraged to continue the connections made during the Annual Meeting through our GAIN Mentorship Program, where they can continue to receive professional guidance from experts at NAI Member Institutions.

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As part of the Student Showcase, NAI and our partner, the Genspiration Foundation, will be launching two new awards to be presented at our 2024 Student Showcase. The Genspiration Foundation is committed to recognizing student inventors and providing support and mentorship to further advance their ability to translate their innovations to make positive societal and economic impacts. For the official press release on the announcement, click here. To learn more about the awards, read the official press release.

Student teams selected will attend and present their innovation at our 13th Annual Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2024.


A complimentary student only ticket to the Gala Reception will be available to team members who wish to attend. For further details, please contact Casey Gorman at [email protected].

For questions about the Student Showcase program, please contact Diana Jerome at [email protected].

K-12 Eligibility and Requirements

More information coming soon.

Collegiate Eligibility and Requirements

Student Showcase Eligibility:
  • Student team members must be enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or doctoral programs at NAI Member Institutions.
  • Student teams must have endorsement from a faculty advisor.
  • Student teams must express interest in the advancement of their innovation through patenting, licensing, or commercialization.
  • The presented innovation must be relevant to the Annual Conference theme: Unlocking Innovation: Keys to Societal Solutions
Student Showcase Requirements:
  • Student team members enrollment status and contact information.
  • Innovation abstract, including the next step to continue research and development and relation to sustainability.
  • Faculty Advisor contact information. Select teams will require a letter of recommendation from the advisor to endorse the presentation.
  • Two hours of student only volunteer support are required on the day of the Student Showcase

2023 Student Showcase

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