Women's History Month: An Interview with Tanya Parypa, HonNAI

As we continue our celebration of Women’s History Month, read as Tanya Parypa, HonNAI of the National Security Innovation Network, shares with us her journey into innovation as well as the importance of diversity in creating solutions that benefit society.

Q: What was your journey into the innovation ecosystem?
A: My journey into the innovation ecosystem started when I decided to pursue a non-traditional career path in the DoD. I am really making an impact solving real-world problems by combining my hands-on industrial experience and technical background with my passion for solving complex problems. I can both understand the need and identify talent that can really create a unique or disruptive solution.

Q: What do you feel is the importance of having diverse perspectives in creating innovations that benefit society?
A: I think that having diverse perspectives is crucial for creating innovations that benefit society, because they can help us understand the challenges and opportunities of different sectors, regions, and stakeholders which lead to design solutions that are effective, inclusive, and ethical.

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