New Ranking Announced by the National Academy of Inventors

Tampa, FL – May 7, 2024

The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) is excited to announce the launch of their newest rankings, the Top 60 Non-Profit Research Institutions and Government Agencies List. As a complement to the Top 100 Worldwide Universities and the Top 100 U.S. Universities lists, this new ranking was created to highlight the role non-profit research institutions and government agencies play in advancing innovation around the world and driving the global economy.

“Patenting is not only important within universities, but at the non-profit and government level as well. The technologies developed at these institutions and agencies have a tremendous societal and economic impact that should not be overlooked,” said Paul Sanberg, President of the NAI. “This list also supports the National Science Board and National Science Foundation’s findings recently published in the “The State of U.S. Science and Engineering 2024” report. We hope the Top 60 List will shine a light on the importance and urgency of non-profit institutions and government agencies’ participation in the innovation ecosystem.”

The launch of the Top 60 Non-profit Research Institutions and Government Agencies ranking is meant to serve as an additional insight into the global innovation landscape, alongside the NAI’s Top 100 Worldwide Universities List, published annually since 2013, and the Top 100 US Universities List, which launched last year. See the full list here.

NAI’s Top 60 Non-profit Research Institutions and Government Agencies List is created using calendar year data provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. List placement includes all named assignees listed on the patent.

About the 2023 Top 60 Non-profit Research Institutions and Government Agencies

The information provided in this list is based on data obtained from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Patents include only utility patents granted during the 2023 calendar year. All assignees are credited for patents when listed. The number of patents granted does not necessarily indicate the value of an institution or agency’s technology, the effectiveness of its research, or whether its patents will be successfully licensed and/or brought to market. This is a dynamic list of worldwide non-profit institutions and government agencies patents. Some institutions or agencies may record patents under different, yet similar names or combine their patents under one foundation or trustee name. Every attempt is made to ensure the information reported is accurate. If a discrepancy is found and confirmed, the report will be updated accordingly. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact:  [email protected]