Women's History Month: Insights from Marcela Maus, FNAI

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, Marcela Maus, FNAI of NAI Member Institution Harvard University, shares with us her inspiration as an inventor.

“I’m inspired to be inventive based on my dual training as a physician and scientist – seeing patients with true ‘unmet clinical needs’ is very real to me – we need to invent new therapies to treat patients with very difficult cancers and other diseases. I think of my lab as the place to try new ideas to see if they have potential to help patients in a new way.”

Dr. Maus is the Director of Cellular Immunotherapy at Massachusetts General Hospital, where her lab focusses on designing and evaluating next generation genetically-modified (CAR) T cells as immunotherapy in patients with cancer.

To read more about Dr. Maus and her work, visit: https://ow.ly/JAkO50QAJjl