The Program is supported through the contribution of dues. Dues go directly to the Fellows Program to support the engagement of our Fellows through such activities as providing peer review services for grants, enhanced recognition, involvement in public policy, increased opportunities to publish in the NAI Journal, special symposia, and more.

Thank you for your support of this important initiative as we continue to honor and recognize future generations of the nation’s prolific academic inventors across our nation and around the globe.

NAI Fellows Benefits

  • A venue to support and encourage innovative culture change across the globe
  • A unique opportunity to network and engage with top academic innovators and senior leadership for the nation’s leading research universities
  • Opportunity to serve on national committees of the NAI and partner organizations
  • Priority to publish in Technology and Innovation
  • Discounted registration to NAI annual meeting, symposia and events
  • Public policy involvement through service as innovation experts and work with federal agencies
  • Opportunity for peer review services for grants
  • Recognition on NAI website, press releases, news stories, social media and print materials
  • Exclusive use of the NAI Fellows Logo and Seal
  • Commemoration on an exclusive plaque on permanent display in the Office of Innovation Development at the USPTO headquarters
  • Annual recording of NAI Fellows in the Congressional Record

NAI Fellow Email Signature Seal:


  1. Download the NAI Fellow Seal
  2. Paste into your email signature
  3. Resize as desired

NAI Fellows Dues

Fellowship dues are separate from the membership dues paid by the institutional member. Fellowship dues are assessed to the individual Fellow on an annual basis.

All dues are used to directly support the Fellows Program and assist in honoring and recognizing future generations of top innovators.

  • $400 Annual Membership ($312 is tax deductible)
  • $4,000 Lifetime Membership ($3,120 is tax deductible)

Invoicing of Fellows Dues

Invoices for NAI Fellows Dues will be issued annually in July to all Fellows (with the exception of those who elect Lifetime Fellows Membership). Upon payment, annual dues cover active membership from July 1 through June 30 each year. Failure to pay dues will result in a loss of NAI Fellows Program benefits.

Payment Options

  • Online: For quick and easy dues payment by credit card, request an electronic invoice.
  • By Check: If you prefer to send your dues payment by mail, please make checks payable to: National Academy of Inventors, Inc. and mail to:
    National Academy of Inventors
    3702 Spectrum Blvd. Suite 165
    Tampa, Florida 33612-9445
  • If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Induction Awards

Another symbol of prestige is bestowed upon NAI Fellows through the rosette pin designed and crafted by Dexter Rosettes, Inc. The rosette dates back to 1802 when Napoleon Bonaparte instituted its use as a part of the Legion of Honor award. Rosettes today are used for various reasons including symbolizing excellence and an association with a specific organization.

Nai Medal

In 2014, Fellows of the NAI were called upon to design an exclusive medal to be awarded at the time of induction. A group of Fellows formed a committee and collaborated to design a medal that depicts the prestige and honor associated with NAI Fellowship. The medal features the NAI logo and represents the idea that “Innovation Moves the World.”

NAI Fellows Logo

The NAI Fellows Logo and Seal were designed by a committee of Fellows. This logo and seal are for the exclusive use of elected NAI Fellows to denote their status of this high honor. The below files are available for download and use solely by Fellows of the NAI.

Note: Print files are downloadable in EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) file format. Web files are in PNG file format.

Fellows Logo (with text) Print Files Web Files

Color: Link
B&W: Link

Color: Link
B&W: Link

Fellows Logo (without text) Print Files Web Files

Color: Link
B&W: Link

Color: Link
B&W: Link