National Academy of Inventors Invention Ambassador Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a National Academy of Inventors Invention Ambassador. A partnership between NAI and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the NAI Invention Ambassador program is designed to celebrate and showcase the importance of academic invention, share best practices for the innovation ecosystem, and the importance of creating a culture of inclusive innovation.

Each year, the Ambassador Selection Committee, made up of representatives from NAI and the USPTO, will select  a new cohort of accomplished inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and commercialization experts to serve as NAI Invention Ambassadors. These talented individuals from a cross-sector of innovation fields will be deployed to speak to varied audiences across the country, including students, education leaders, STEM professionals, and other stakeholders within the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. 

Each cohort of NAI Invention Ambassadors will include speakers from a range of perspectives, cultures, genders and expertise. The goal, with each speaking engagement, is to celebrate the role and impact of academic invention, promote the need to increase access to invention education and resources, and  inspire future inventors and change makers. 

The inaugural cohort of NAI Invention Ambassadors will be announced in June 2024 and available for booking in August 2024. Speaker training will take place over the summer. Speaking opportunities will be identified by NAI, the USPTO, and come from the broader innovation and invention ecosystem. 

We believe that serving as a NAI Invention Ambassador comes with both great honor and great responsibility. Ambassadors will receive formal speakers training and be provided with the latest data and support material to ensure each speaking opportunity highlights the current state of academic invention and conveys the need and opportunity for an even more inclusive and impactful future state of academic invention. 

To be considered for the NAI Invention Ambassador program, you must (1) be a Fellow, Senior Member, or Honorary Member of the Academy or be from an NAI Member Institution in good standing, (2) complete and submit this application form, (3) agree to make yourself  available for training and speaking opportunities and (4) be approved by the Ambassadors Selection Committee.

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