Mentorship Platform

Global Academic Inventors Network (GAIN)


Participate in shaping the future of innovation by joining the Global Academic Inventors Network. In partnering with Firsthand, the National Academy of Inventors has created a platform for expert inventors to share their experience with the future leaders of innovation. We proudly offer GAIN as a valuable benefit to our esteemed NAI Members, and invite you to help us cultivate the inventor community.

Contribute to the NAI’s international community of inventors as a mentor or a mentee.

Who is a Mentee? Any enrolled student or current faculty/staff employee of an NAI affiliated Institution.

Who is a Mentor? All NAI Fellows, Senior Members and Members of Member Institutions.


Set up your GAIN account using your .edu e-mail

“The Global Academic Inventors Network is a unique platform that will allow us to bridge the perceived gaps between NAI membership levels and foster a community spirit of innovation and collaboration. By connecting early-career innovators with world-renown and seasoned inventors, the NAI furthers its mission to educate and mentor students and junior professionals.”

Karen J.L. Burg, FNAI, University of Georgia, NAI Board of Directors

Call for Mentees

Contact Jessica Coons at [email protected] or call 813-974-1126