Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

Theme: Connecting the Innovation Community

Deadline to Submit: January 15, 2019
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Abstracts based on the following topics are now being accepted for 15-minute oral presentations or panel discussions at the 2019 NAI Annual Meeting.


All submissions must be received by January 15, 2019 for consideration by the Program Committee. Speakers will be notified and announced in early February. Those selected are expected to register for and attend the Annual Meeting.


Abstract submissions are invited for presentation on the following topics:


Inclusive Innovation and Removing Barriers for the Next Generation

Solving the world’s biggest challenges requires inventors with diverse skills, experiences and perspectives. Using big data, recent research has identified systemic barriers that are resulting in “Lost Einsteins” and a loss to society of the potential inventions they would create. The data suggest that if women, minorities and low-income individuals were to invent at the same rates as high-income white males, the rate of invention in the U.S. would quadruple, benefiting all of us. What is driving this gap and what are the opportunities to close it for future generations?


Best Practices in Connecting Industry and Academia

A significant gap exists between the cultures of industry and academia, which hinders successful collaboration to develop meaningful impact. What is the cause of this divide between these two cultures and what mechanisms can be utilized to encourage engagement on common grounds?


Collaborative Applied Research Among Industry, Academia, and Government
What roles are played by each of these groups in the process of applied research? What are some difficulties facing collaborative innovation on a national scale? What can be done to increase the practice of collaboration among applied research?

Incentivizing and Recognizing Collaboration to Spur Economic Development
Following the last recession, public and private entities have emphasized the importance of facilitating and rewarding synergistic partnerships across sectors which aid in research, workforce development, start-up ventures, and innovation. What ways can these collaborations be promoted among universities and industries?

Stewarding Student Professional Development

Students are constantly searching for new partnership opportunities to kick start their careers in innovation through mentors, internships, and research. What advice would you give to a student trying to select the best partner? What are some creative ways to connect students and industry?


Impact of New Patent Laws and Policies on University Strategies
Given recent Supreme Court rulings and the role of the Patent Trial & Appeals Board,  how should universities change policy and process to ensure that patent rights are meaningful? Additionally, what effects do these changes have on realistic expectations at the USPTO and through the life of a patent?

Open Innovation Centers: Success in Living Labs and Public/Private/People Innovation Spaces
What would you say is the true definition of a “living lab” in the context of innovation and public-private-people partnership spaces? How can these spaces be made effective, sustainable and successful while engaging the surrounding community?

Intertwined Answers: Connecting Disciplines to Explore Innovative Solutions
These interdisciplinary connections can offer fresh perspectives and unique viewpoints which generate creative solutions to ongoing global issues. What are some benefits of interdisciplinary innovation? What are some ways to promote interconnectedness among disciplines?

Please pass this invitation along to experts in these fields to submit their abstract to present at the NAI 2019 Annual Meeting.

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