#CallforPapers - Technology & Innovation is seeking submissions for two special issues of #TnI: Patent Infringement in the Innovation Economy and Failures in Invention and Innovation. Read more:

Young Innovators: Innovative research finds influenza detection system in body

Read about the 2018 #Patents4Humanity winners who are using creativity & innovation to address issues in medicine, sanitation, nutrition & more. Love seeing the @uspto encourage the innovation community to apply their tech for the betterment of society:

What a great example of how NAI Sustaining Member Institutions further promote innovative ideas and technologies that make an impact on society. Well done @AuburnU

#Scientists @UTAustin have created a new lanthanide-based #sensor that can identify trace levels of water & 'heavy water' in different liquids. The new sensor could potentially be applied to #MRI #technology & to cleaning up #chemical spills: #chemistry

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