National Academy of Inventors®: Honoring Academic Invention
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Mission, Goals, and Objectives


The mission of the National Academy of Inventors® is to honor academic invention; recognize and encourage inventors; enhance the visibility of university and non-profit research institute technology and innovation; encourage the disclosure of intellectual property; educate and mentor innovative students; and translate the inventions of its members to benefit society.

Goals & Objectives

To recognize publicly a cadre of investigators who are also inventors.

To enhance visibility of university and non-profit research institute technology development, promote entrepreneurship and be advocates for academic innovation in the local community.

To be a resource for the local community to facilitate greater industry research contracts and interactions with companies and organizations in order to increase economic impact.

To increase awareness of intellectual property by mentoring, fostering and encouraging faculty, staff and students to develop their intellectual property and inventions.

To help shape society by being in a position to understand the translational use of inventions at the university or non-profit research institute and elsewhere; and to be a role model in such endeavors for students.

To develop relevant invention-based activities in collaboration with the institution’s administration of patents and licensing.